MK IT Business Solutions

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Our latest offer is hosting of SAP server and licenses.


The advantages for customers:

  • No purchasing of expensive IT equipment,
  • No equipment service and maintenance costs,
  • No costs and worries about the update of SAP system,
  • No new recruitment and training of IT personnel,
  • No worries about security and backup of data,
  • Funds may be diverted to other resources.


What do the clients get?

  • Cutting-edge servers and leading solutions in the field of server architecture,
  • Supervision, administration and maintenance of complete solutions,
  • The possibility of improving technology in the latest standards,
  • Availability and customer support 24 hours a day,/li>
  • Hosting of SAP solutions,
  • Hosting of third-party solutions,
  • High security level, reliability and privacy of data.