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PP module

Production Planning Module (PP - Production Planning) is a set of master data and transactions that are used to plan and saw off the production process. It contains the following sub-modules:

  • Registration records of materials, components, jobs, task lists,

  • Planning of production and sales based on historical and current data,

  • Management of the production plant,

  • Long-term planning,

  • Demand management,

  • Planning of requests for materials on the basis of the demand analysis,

  • Capacity planning,

  • Production orders.

The diagram showing the usual planning process and execution of production in the SAP PP module:



This is only a brief description of the PP module for those who are first time to meet the SAP ERP system, for additional information, please contact us. Our team will gladly come to you to present all the modules you are interested in and answer all your questions.