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MK Group d.o.o.

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MK Group is a holding company, one of the most successful business systems in Serbia, with more than 35 affiliated companies that operate in the country and abroad. MK Group is engaged in strategic business management and corporate management in the areas of agriculture and agro-industry, tourism, property management, IT technology, finance and others. Implemented modules: MM, SD, FI, CO.


Sunoko d.o.o.


Sunoko company, with its four sugar factories in Vrbas, Pećinci, Kovačica and Bač, is the biggest domestic manufacturer and exporter of sugar. Sunoko supplies sugar to the most part of domestic and international food and confectionery industry, a large number of wholesale and households. In addition to selling sugar, Sunoko also sales by-products from sugar beet, such as molasses and sugar beet chips. Implemented modules: MM, SD, FI, CO, ZREPA.



M&V Investment

A broker-dealer company M&V Investments was founded in 1995. Core business of the M&V Investments company is a brokerage in business with securities and other financial intermediation.

In its portfolio this brokerage company has more than 70 securities. M&V Investments is one of the leading brokerage houses in this region and holds the leading position in the capital market for many years.

Implemented modules: FI, CO.


MK Mountain Resort


MK Mountain Resort includes Grand Hotel & Spa****, recently opened Family Hotel, Angella**** Apartments Konaci-Sunčani vrhovi *** and national cuisine restaurant Zvrk. All facilities are located in the heart of the tourist center and National Park Kopaonik, at 1770m above sea level. The capacity of the hotel complex is 1,346 beds, which is half the total capacity at Kopaonik.

Implemented modules: FI, CO.





AD Agrounija as a joint-stock company engaged in agricultural production of basic field crops on the area of 4274 ha: wheat, seed-wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed, sugar beets, soybeans, seed corn. All products are stored in silos capacity 32.000 t and floor storage capacity of 8000 tons. In addition to primary production, AD AGROUNIJA owns a finishing center for seed treatment.

Implemented modules: MM, SD, FI, CO, VAGA, ZAGA.

Success Story - Agrounija





The basic activity of AD Labudnjača is agricultural production that is carried out over an area of 1,500 ha, primarily growing the field crops: corn, wheat, soybean, sugar beet and barley. SOE "Labudnjača from Vajska was founded in 1945. Since then, the company has changed its name and organizational form. Labudnjača is an agricultural enterprise including the production sectors of farming and processing crops. In 2006, AD Labudnjača entered into MK Holding Group.

Implemented modules: MM, SD, FI, CO, VAGA.

Success Story – Labudnjača



Đuro Strugar


The company "Đuro Strugar" is a joint-stock company whose main activity is farming of field crops (wheat, barley, sugar beets, soybeans, corn, sunflower, and alfalfa), vegetables (consumption peas, sweet corn) and fruit crops (apples and plums). Besides, they grow crops like seed corn, seed soybean, wheat and barley. One of the activities of this company is the provision of grains storing services.

Implemented modules: MM, SD, FI, CO, ZAGA.

Success Story – Đuro Strugar




Granexport is a company engaged in the trade of corn and other cereals and producing and selling corn-mill products. The property of Granexport is a silo with capacity of 50.000t, which is the largest loading-unloading capacity of grain on the Danube. Head Office of AD Granexport is strategically located in a very convenient place in the Port of Danube in Pancevo, which is favorable for the successful performance of the main activities, trade, manufacturing and services. Trading is done in the field of agro business (export / import, internal transport), trade of corn, wheat, oil meal, animal feed, fertilizers.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, VAGA.

Success Story – Granexport





Žito-Bačka d.o.o. is engaged in manufacturing of mill products. It employs 78 workers. The main activity of this joint-stock company is buying, processing and trading all kinds of cereals, especially wheat. With a storage capacity of 50,000 tons, Žito-Bačka is one of the largest warehouses in Serbia. In the financing of production and purchase of agricultural products successfully cooperates with more than thirty farmers' cooperatives from the heart of Backa.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, VAGA.

Success Story – Žitobačka





Animal Feed Factory "MAXIPROTEIN AD, Pozega has been producing and selling fodder for cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry. The production program of the factory includes all kinds of concentrates and the food products by customer's requirements. In addition to animal feed, the plant is engaged in the sale of corn, corn meal, wheat bran, sugar beet chips, sunflower and soybean meal.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD.



PS Global Seed d.o.o.


Business System Global Seed is a group that unites in its operations the five companies whose business is primarily agricultural, vegetable and cattle production and processing of fruits and vegetables. Agricultural production is done on 2,700 ha of fertile agricultural land, while the 40 hectares of land cattle growing is carried out, i.e., milk production.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD.



PP Budućnost a.d.


PP Budućnost a.d. Čurug is a company located in the central part of Vojvodina (near Novi Sad, the capital of the Province) or region of the Republic of Serbia, which is characterized by very high potentials and resources for agricultural production. The main activity of the company is a primary agricultural production, field and vegetable crops and the production of green fodder. Production is carried out on 2491 hectares of arable land.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, ZAGA, VAGA.



Velvet farm doo


Velvet Farm d.o.o., Čurug, is a company located in the central part of Vojvodina, near Novi Sad, in the municipality of Žabalj. It was founded in 2005, by separation of the existing work unit “Stočarstvo” from the company PP Budućnost a.d., Čurug, and until nowadays, in its development, over 6,000,000.00 euro has been invested. The Company's main activity is cattle raising and cultivation of high yielding Holstein cows of Friesian breed and milk production. Farm capacity is 2,000 dairy cows.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, ZFARM.



Gospođinci doo


Company for agricultural production Gospođinci d.o.o. is located in the village Gospođinci in the central part of Vojvodina, the region of Serbia, which is characterized by very high potential and resources for agricultural production. The main activity of the company is primary agricultural production of field crops and grain storage. The company owns 375 hectares of first and second class land, 200 hectares of leased state land and a silo with the dryer for storing a total of 5,000 tons of cereals.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, VAGA.



Zdravo Organic d.o.o.


The main activity of the company Zdravo Organic from Selenča is the production of high quality and healthy juices, canned fruit, jam, pickled food, alcoholic beverages and other products of organic origin, using the latest technology. The company also possesses a cooling plant with capacity of 3000t in which the most advanced system for storing and saving raw food has been introduced, ULO system (ULO = ultra-low-oxygen).

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD, PP, ZAGA, VAGA.



MK Seeds doo


MK Seeds is the general distributor and importer of Dekalb corn hybrids manufactured by world-renowned seed house Monsanto. Dekalb is today a leading brand in all major crops with a focus on corn. Thanks to its superior genetics Dekalb is declared as the most promising brand in the world market. In addition to sales and distribution of seeds, MK Seeds provides consulting services and advice to farmers on the optimal method of growing corn.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD.



Farm CO-OP


FARM CO-OP is the company from Novi Sad that deals with trade in agricultural products and raw materials necessary for agricultural production.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM, SD.



FŠ "Donji Srem"


Sugar factory "Donji Srem" Pećinci, is located in the Lower Srem, 1.5 km south of the village Pećinci. The factory was privatized in October 2002, when it became the part of MK Group, and in former campaign, production of sugar was 23,619t. Now the factory has the highest daily processing capacity and is one of the most modern in the region. Each day in Pecinci 8.000t of sugar beet is processed, thus achieving the one fifth of total annual processing capacity of sugar beet in Serbia. On an annual basis, this sugar refinery processes some 700,000t of sugar beet and produces near 100.000t of sugar.

Implemented modules: FI, CO.



FŠ "Jedinstvo" Kovačica


Sugar factory "Jedinstvo" from Kovacica is located in southern Banat, halfway between Pancevo and Zrenjanin. The factory was founded in 1976, and the first campaign of sugar beet processing was in1978. Privatized by the MK Group in October 2002, since when its capacity was increased from 4.000t/day to 6.500t. This also lifted up the annual production capacity from 30,000t to 50,000t of sugar. So far, 10 million euro was invested in the factory.

Implemented modules: FI, CO, MM.



PD Vojvodina a.d.


AD “Vojvodina” Novo Miloševo is the farm engaged in crop production, storage and drying of the primary agricultural crops, organizing cooperation in the field of farming and in the field of livestock production.

Implemented modules: FI, CO.