Scaling in Silo Business module

ZVAGA module is designed to record vehicle entrancies and exits on silos and is fully integrated with the SAP ERP system. In addition to the standard records and printing of the scales, the calculation of the receipt at the time of redemption can be done. The advantage of the integrated solution is the automatic receipt (or issuance) of stocks immediately after recording the weight, which ensures the correct state of stocks in the silo at all times.

For example, when cereals are purchased, it is necessary to create a purchase order, make a receipt for stocks and verify the incoming invoice and also create VAT receipts for purchased agricultural products. Using of automatic posting enables the execution of all the listed activities with the click of a button, which significantly speeds up the process itself.

All master and transaction data in the ZVAGA module are related to the weighing location. All weighing locations are linked to one, parent company code. Each weighing location is connected to one plant and belongs to the superior profit center.

Car and floor scales can be adjusted to each weighing location as needed. One weight location can be assigned to more weighing locations and perform material measurement for all plants at all weighing locations.

ZVAGA module consists of two types of measurement applications:
• Car scales- are used for recording, posting the receipt and issuance of goods. The basic function of a car scale is to have two measurements (tare and gross). Car scales are mainly used for measuring bulk goods (mercantile wheat, corn, peas, clover ...).
• Floor scales- unlike car scales, have only one measurement and are most often used for measuring materials that are in some type of packaging (box, box pallet, bag ...).