Sugar production Monitoring Module

ZREPA module is Specially Developed for Management and Monitoring of Sugar Beet Production.

It was developed for the needs of sugar factories within MK Group d.o.o. and has been used successfully for 15 years in three leading sugar factories in Serbia.

This module provides a clear record of the planned and achieved sugar beet yield.

It can be actively used throughout the year for the needs of sugar beet production planning, both during the campaign- which is precisely monitored according to certain parameters in the system, and in the remaining months of the year.

This module also enables monitoring of the issuance of raw materials, monitoring of indebtedness, printing of contracts, as well as issuance of goods.

The calculation used after the sale of sugar beet is also provided, and it depends on the current annual conditions.

Like other Z solutions, the ZREPA module is integrated with standard SAP modules, so the entered data and achieved results can be further analyzed in the system according to various aspects, depending on the business needs.