SAP module for monitoring dairy cattle, cattle fattening and pig breeding

The ZFARM module is a special developed module that includes monitoring of all phases of the dairy and fattening cattle process on farms, in purpose of quality production management, revenue and cost monitoring and complete analysis of business related to farm production.

The ZFARM module is integrated to standard SAP modules, which provides data entry in only one place and the ability of analyzing production data both naturally and financially.

Basic functionalities:
• Cattle Master Record
• ID card
• Production Cardboard
• Reproductive Card
• Records of Veterinary Activities
• Treatment
• Reproduction
• Herd Nutrition Monitoring
• Food Preparation Orders
• Records of Food Consumption
• Herd Management
• Buying of Cattle
• Livestock Sales
• Moving od Cattle Livestock
• Calving Records
• Livestock death Records
• Cattle Records
• Planned and Actual Herd Turnover
• Calculation of Increments
• Milk production and Sales Analysis
• Automatic updating of Herd values ​​in Accounting,
• Cost Price Calculation.