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QM module

Quality Management Module (QM - Quality Management) ensures that products meet regulatory standards and company specifications. Processes in the quality control module are maximally integrated with the production processes.

Quality Management Module contains some of the following features:



The quality control module covers the processes of control planning, control testing and inspection:

  • Quality planning: creating and managing master data required for planning and execution of quality control,

  • Quality control: checking whether the facility to be controlled satisfies the given criteria,

  • Quality certificates: ddocuments that contain the given texts, values and results of controls,

  • Information on quality: recording of problems that resulted due to poor quality,

  • Quality control: combines planning of controls, results of controls and quality information,

  • Test equipment management: keeping the master data on test equipment.

This is only a brief description of the QM module for those who are first time to meet the SAP ERP system, for additional information, please  contact us. Our team will gladly come to you to present all the modules you are interested in and answer all your questions.