Dragan Voćkić


Dragan joined MK IT BS since the very beginning of founding a company in 2006. After graduation at Faculty of Science Dragan immediately entered into the field of Information Technologies. He started in the team of MK IT BS as a SAP Consultant and soon confirmed quality status of his wide knowledge and abilities by becoming Certified FI/CO SAP Consultant. Dragan became a Chief Executive Officer after ten years of expierence in setting business processes and Implementations of SAP and other Solutions in most different Business environments.

Dragana Ivančević

Architect of Business Solutions

Dragana is an excellent Team organizer who creates the perfect bond between the wishes and ideas of our Clients and the Creation of the Appropriate Solution by our Expert Team. In order for our Consultants to totally understand what the Client wants to get from a particular project, and to help Clients to Reorganize some processes and make them simpler and more effective, Solution Architect and also Project Manager is there to design an Activity Plan to come up with the Desired Solution. Dragana is part of our team since 2009.

Milan Barbir

Manager of Applications and ABAP Development Sector

Milan has Extensive Experience in Developing Solutions using ABAP Programming Language and SAP as a Development Platform. Milan is a Team Leader in front of our Developers. He joined MK IT BS from the very beginning of Inception the Company in 2006 and managed to bring a number of very significant projects from an idea to succesful Solutions.

Sanja Mišić

Manager of SAP Consultant Sector

Sanja is precious member of MK IT BS Expert Team since 2008. She graduated on Faculty of Science and had over ten years experience in Implementing SAP and fine software tuning and programming in order to adjust most appropriate and useful Solutions for our Clients. Sanja specialized SAP FI module area and she is a Team Lead of SAP Consultants Department.

Božidar Radosavljević

Manager of IT Infrastructure Sector

Božidar is a Team Leader behalf our Hardware Team. He is responsible for Supervision and Maintenance of Complete System Adjustments and Functionality. He holds a great number of Certificates, has designed many courses and has a major experience in the field of Microsoft Infrastructure and security solutions as well as Microsoft 365 Development and Solutions. He is a memeber of MK IT BS since 2020.

Miodrag Šarac

Manager of Projects and Sales Sector

Miodrag started at MK Group in 2019 as Deputy Manager of PMO, in charge of Digitalization Projects across MK Group system, working closely with our team. As of August 2020, his experience in Project Management and Resource Planning became an integral part of MK IT BS value chain which contributes to an even better organization of management many challenging projects