Our goal is to grow and develop together with our employees. We are trying to recognize talents and we are proud of those who have been with us from the beginning, but we are constantly opening new opportunities as for young people with the initiative to start a career in our company and also for experienced professionals who want to grow with us. We treat all candidates, as well as our employees, equally. The synergy of knowledge, experience, initiative and talent is the right motive for joining our team.

We recognize the importance and responsibility that every company should have towards young people and their education. Therefore, we developed cooperation with all relevant educational institutions and in this way we provide support and opportunities to young talents. Cooperation is constantly deepening and every year we can be proud of new projects that are jointly implemented or signed agreements with plans to continue cooperation.

During 2019, we established cooperation with the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Department in Novi Sad through sponsorship of the Faculty, lectures, and later through a professional internship program project passed by six students of the faculty, three of whom became our employees, and for the other three scholarships were provided until completion of studies. 

In 2020, an agreement on cooperation with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is signed in Novi Sad.

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  • Our team currently operates on four locations in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Vrbas and Bečej with a tendency to expand. If you want to become part of a team that is constantly growing and contribute to it with your knowledge, desire to learn and initiative to always being one step ahead, our doors are open for you. The selection process depends on the position you are applying for and includes tests and interviews.
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  • If we do not currently have open positions, please fill in the application with an indication of which position you are applying for. If we have an open position that suits your knowledge and work experience, we will contact you to agree on further steps. If we do not currently have an adequate open position, your CV remains in our database and you will be contacted when a position corresponding to your education, knowledge and competencies is opened. Fill in the application with an indication of which position you are applying for.