Agricultural production

ZAGA module is made for monitoring of agricultural production, in order to obtain the cost price of production of agricultural products (crops) at the company level.

ZAGA provides a very detailed level of information like: individual plot (culture on a certain plot, variety of culture).

ZAGA enables:
•centralized monitoring of agricultural production on large areas distributed in different geographic locations,
•insight into agro- technical measures that are currently being carried out in the fields, which workers are engaged and which machines are used,
•insight into the performance of workers and machines,
•insight into the consumption of seeds, fertilizers, protective agents, energy sources and other materials,
•complete analysis of yiels (by companies, work units, crops, plots...)
• complete analysis of production costs, production, resource and cost planning,
•comparison of actual and expected results...

Data on agricultural production can be also be monitored through the time dimension. Production boards are defined for each production year, as well as the arrangement of plant crops on them. In other words, it is possible to look at agricultural production from the point of view of one production year, as well as the point of view of comparing production data for several years. This is particularly interesting for reports on production on one plot over several consecutive years, or for comparing the cost price of the same crop on different plots over several years. Planning by details is also possible. This module enables planning of:
•Sowing schedule of crops on plots,
•Agrotechnical measures that need to be applied on each plot,
•Consumption of raw materials,
•Effects of machines and employees during performing agrotechnical measures – operations.