SAP Solutions for Agriculture

We offer a wide range of non-standard SAP solutions.
We have developed specially adjusted SAP modules according to the business needs of our clients, both in the field of agriculture and in other industries.
Take a look at our specially designed solutions and come up with an idea of how we could improve your business as well.


Interface to Fildeli system (Opera) MM Controls – hotel business

Mobile platform for trading with agricultural products and comunication to cooperants

HR dashboard – cockpit with a set of new HR transactions + integration to SAP SSF (SAP Succes Factors)

Integration i data exchange by various industrial solutions: TACAD, RHF, AD, fiscal tools, Redmine

Reporting Tools

Package of advanced reports for SAP ERP systems


Implementation of SAP Solutions - FI/CO/MM/SD/BW.
Customer Support
Administration of SAP Servers
Implementation and Maintenance of Servers Infrastructure (MS Windows Server, Azure, M365)
Implementation and Maintenance of Computer Networks
Technical Support
Linux administration (RedHat, CentOS)


MK IT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is official SAP Partner with Silver status since 2006. Our Certified SAP Consultants will provide all necessary Technical Assistance during the Implementation of best SAP Solution in your Enterprise.



  • Our story begins in 2003 after implementation of SAP ERP system in MK Commerce, when we took over the maintenance and further enhancement of the system. Starting as IT department, we provided support to the expansion of MK business into sugar industry and agricultural business by implementing SAP ERP solutions within new members of MK Group.
  • In 2006, the IT department was transformed into an independent consultancy firm consisting of internal SAP consultants with extensive experience in implementation of SAP solutions within MK Group.
  • That same year MK IT Business Solutions became an official SAP partners, and soon thereafter acquired the status of SAP Silver Partner. Since 2006 MK IT Business Solutions developed various custom-made solutions for our customers using the latest information technology.
  • Our Team is enthusiastic and very dedicated to specific needs of each customer in business management, constantly being up to date with the cutting-edge tools and ideas in information technology. Our SAP development team is here to provide a full range of services, offering best design and implementation of necessary applications that you may lack for more effective and less expensive operating processes.
  • MK IT Business Solutions has successfully performed a great number of implementations of SAP Solutions for companies that deal with very different business areas, including internal and external trade, agriculture, processing and production, investments, hotel management, livestock farming and others.
  • We specialize in all most applied modules such as FI, CO, MM, SD. Application of the standard, tested and proven SAP implementation methodology and project management allows us to provide high-quality service, completing the projects within the agreed timeframes.